The Case Study as Research Method

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Teeming with practical examples, this guide promotes an integrated approach for carrying out a case study. With a background emphasis on how to ensure the reliability and validity of results, the different steps of this approach are detailed : assessing the appropriateness of a case study ; preparation ; selecting cases ; data collection, analysis and interpretation ; and reporting results.

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2009, 132 pages, D2455, ISBN 978-2-7605-2455-2

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« Drawing upon his own experiences using case study method, Gagnon identifies enduring concerns and provides several practical tips for the novice researcher. »

Brian T. Gearity, The Qualitative Report, vol.16, no 5, septembre 2011, p. 1434
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« The book lives up to its promises and delivers well-structured and well-argued hands-on advice with a lot of sensible methodological check-points under way. This clear structure of the book enables different readers to easily use it for different purposes. Readers can agree with and use the methodological points in favour of their own analytical argumentation about their case study research. »

Bente Halkier, Roskilde University, Danemark pour Revue Qualitative Research, 29 janvier 2013. 


The online version of this article can be found

The online version of this article.



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