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Managing careers at Michelin

A three Star Career Guide

Managing careers at Michelin


At a time of increasing debate over the advantages of careers in big companies, here is a view from the inside of what takes place at Michelin. This legendary company, renowned throughout the world but still with a strong family grass-roots identity, is a career management model. More than a book about a company, this is an outstanding example of career management in practice, with its methods and tools, its successes as well as its disappointments. This approach to career management goes far beyond short term operational needs. It gives pride of place to each person’s individual qualities and potential to develop, including internationally. In addition to an explanation of the “Michelin model”, the authors give their personal, often humorous angles on essential questions facing senior management and HR directors in large and mid-size companies: • How to attract and retain the best people? • How to share company values? • How to encourage employees to express and develop all their potential?... And every employee will find advice on a wide range of career issues and personal concerns: • To get on, should I change companies or stick with one? • How to change career direction, how to construct an international career path? • How to progress at the right pace, to reach my personal peak, and preserve my work-life balance?... Both authors spent 35 years at Michelin, and are perfect illustrations of their subject matter: successful, varied international careers, finishing up working together at company headquarters responsible for senior management careers worldwide.

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2011, 472 pages, EMS056, ISBN 978-2-8476-9301-0

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