Chile’s and Haiti’s Earthquakes Impact on Urban Growth

De Luc-Normand Tellier

Will the long-run growth of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Santiago, Chile, be affected by the major recent earthquakes?

Throughout urban world history, wars, volcano eruptions, atom bombs, fires and earthquakes have destroyed cities. Pompeii did not survive the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in AD 79, and Saint-Pierre, Martinique, did not really recover from the eruption of Mount Pelé in 1902.

But, Chicago came out stronger than ever from the Great Fire of 1871. Some economists have even attempted to demonstrate that, fifty years after received atomic bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were probably as developed economically as if there had been no bombing. In fact, most of the time, world urban development trends are stronger than catastrophes.

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Urban World History : An Economic and Geographical Perspective de Luc-Normand Tellier (2009)

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