The Eviction of Inuit from Hebron, Labrador



“The experience of the men, women and children who were forced to leave their homes in the village of Hebron, on the northern coast of Labrador in 1959, is of universal importance: it is a tragedy that should never have happened in Nunatsiavut, in Canada, in the Arctic, or anywhere else in the world. Hebron Inuit suffered for the rest of their lives, uncertain if their pain was caused by themselves or by a decision made without their consent. Today, reading their story will not release our responsibility for the event, but it might tell the Inuit, wherever they are, that we are concerned and aware that such a situation should never be repeated.

This account by Carol Brice-Bennett forces us to hear the voices of Hebron Inuit, and to correct the disparities of historical power. It is an attempt to create an ethical space for this history, to enable the full recognition of the Inuit and to disseminate the memory of these events, which we must not ignore.”

Daniel Chartier

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This book is published in cooperation with the Government of Nunatsiavut

With a foreword by Daniel Chartier

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2017, 217 pages, IN012, ISBN 978-2-9233-8523-5

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Revue Anthropologie et Sociétés  | volume 45, number 3, 2021 | Recension

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